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    Fan speed and temperature on MBP


      Hi at all,


      I'm using Premiere Pro cc 2015 on a Mac book pro i7, 16gb ram and ssd drive.. When I start Premiere and i open a project (on external thunderbolt hdd with all media) i can work for 3 minutes and than the fan of Mac go to 6000rpm and the temperature of CPU is around 104 c..

      The same thing happen with After Effects but not with Prelude on the same media.


      This happen with cuda acceleration, with Open GL and also with mercury playback.


      I realy don't know why.. The CPU work around 20% but the fan and the temperature is realy high..


      I'm sorry for my bad english, i'm italian..


      Thanks for any suggestion.

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          I would suggest taking the Mac Book in for them to thermal paste the CPU again and or warranty for the CPU. The Temps should not be near that high for 20% load or around that on the CPU unless the heatsink is not making contact correctly or the CPU has issues with resistance which means it needs to be replaced.