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    Autoflow shift key has no effect

    Kenneth C. Benson Level 4

      Strange problem. I've got what should be about a 250-page document that is right now 4 pages with a whole lot of overset text. I add a 5th page (master has margins, but no text frame), click the out port on page 4, and then shift-click inside the margins on page 5. I get one page, only. And when I press Shift, the icon doesn't change to the autoflow icon. It's like the keyboard isn't working.


      But the keyboard is working, because I can type caps (SEE?). Anyway, I tried a different keyboard and get the same results. I reset preferences, restarted the computer. So I tried a different file, and autoflow works just fine. So the problem is with this particular file. So I ran the file through IDML. Still the same.


      I really don't want to place a new frame 250 times. Any ideas?


      CS6(, Windows 7


      Edit: Add to the strangeness: the out port doesn't show a red plus sign. It's like it doesn't know there's overset text. I ended up making a new file from scratch, copying the text, styles, master pages from the bad file to the new file. The new file autoflowed just fine.