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    Cannot convert Photoshop layer to editable text


      I've already searched over the Internet, but the answers are not exactly what I need.


      I have some PSD files that contain some text, shape, adjustment, and bitmap layers. When I import them to After Effects (), all layers are converted to bitmap.


      When I call the command "Convert to Editable Text" for the layers that were text inside of Photoshop I get the following error:


      "After Effects error: no compatible Photoshop text data was found.

      ( 52 :: 0 )"


      after effects error no compatible photoshop text data was found 52 0.png


      What should I do? I've already cleared layers styles, checked blending modes, font type, and so on.

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          JoaoCesar Level 1

          I've found myself a solution. It seems to be a bug of After Effects.


          My PSD files were named like 'mograph 01.psd', 'mograph 02.psd', 'mograph 03.psd', and so on.


          When I was importing a single file, e.g. 'mograph 01.psd', After Effects was getting layers from the other PSD files, messing up the folder it creates for imported compositions.


          This was resulting in generic raster layers without that icon for layers imported from Photoshop on the timeline.


          The solution was to leave each file alone inside a folder before importing.


          I hope it can be useful for someone else!