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    Create Stamp with modifiable field for the date?


      Our office produces plans that have our professional seal on them. These seals must also bear the date of the day they were stamped.


      This seal exists as a Stamp in our Adobe Acrobat. It does not, however, include a date, because the date always changed based on the day we send out plans. We get around this by simply inserting the Stamp of our seal into the PDF, and then using a text box to add the date below. This is a bit time consuming for large plans however, and we would be interested in saving that time.


      Question: Can a stamp with a *modifiable* field for the date be created in Adobe Acrobat? In other words, when I add our seal from the Stamp menu in the program, I will be dragging onto the screen a Stamp that has a pre-existing field for the date in it?


      If this cannot be done, does anybody have recommendations for an alternate solution?


      Thank you very much!