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    Options for storing large LR catalog/library and 100k+ photos in the cloud?

    zehngirl Level 1

      Is there a way to store my entire LR catalog and the photos on the cloud and work from there instead of having it on an external drive?

      Ideally, I want a storage option that would allow me to work directly from the cloud, vs. just backing up my external drive to the cloud.

      In other words, I'd like to eliminate the external drive and/or a local (stored on my computer) catalog/library all together.


      Currently we are using Creative Cloud with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and I have two LR catalogs with photos on external drives which when connected to my computer back up via time machine (mac) and a cloud backup solution called CrashPlan. The drives MUST be connected to the computer to be included in the backup and I have two computers so this is not always ideal.


      I may soon be moving to an RV/traveling full time and will no longer have access to a modem for Time Machine backups and I'll be relying on Public Wifi (with VPN) and my phone for wifi. The cloud backups will still work but I like to have a backup of my backup cuz' I'm that kind of paranoid - my photos and videos are my livelihood.

      Has anyone used a cloud storage alternative for their LR catalog AND photos? The Adobe creative cloud doesn't allow enough storage for all of my pics and videos. I have over 100k photos.

      Does this solution exist?


      I tried SmugMug but it only really works in one direction so that is not going to do it.

      Any help is appreciated!