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    Please help with dynamic menu creation needs to have 5 levels


      I have run into a Coldfusion problem that I was hoping you could help me with.

      What I am trying to solve is the dynamic creation of at least 5 levels of categories for a menu built with Coldfusion, and if possible an infinite amount of levels.

      Each of these also if it is at the end of the tree will have to have products under it. The category will also only show up if there is products under it otherwise it will not get created.

      To accomplish this I have created a database table called "Categories" which contains the fields shown in the linked spreadsheet. I am using the "cat_parent" to hold the value of the parent of the current record. When the parent is a top level menu item I have assigned this a cat_parent id of "0". Using this method I am able to do a self join on the table (where "cat_parent" = "cat_id") to extract the relationship between parent and child records throughout the table. This works fine. And I have created output for 5 levels of display.

      There are 3 issues left that I could not work out.

      - Firstly my coding method loops through each node of the tree with one query to create each category of the menu. This means one query per menu category and as the client will have up to 200 categories in the menu and I am concerned that the solution that I have come up with is too processor intensive.
      - Secondly the way that I have created the category menu is hard coding in the levels needed so there is only 5 not an infinite amount which would be preferable but is not essential.
      - Finally I could not work out how to NOT create "parents" in the tree if there is no products for the end child category. Meaning that if there is for example a category > subcategory > subsubcategory but there is no products associated with the end - "subsubsubcategory" then it's parent(s) and so on will not display until one of them has products under it.

      Here is a link to a zip file that includes: the cfc that contains the query function (categories.cfc), the page that is creating the categories menu (lefnav.cfm), a simple cfc that contains a products query just for testing (products.cfc) along with a spreadsheet of the Categories table's fields.

      I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

      Thanks for any time and help you can give me on this