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    Problems installing LR 6 onto my Mac


      I was a subscriber to Adobe CC, but only really used LR.

      When I bought a new Leica camera recently I received a LR 6 redemption code.

      Before trying to download the new LR, I cancelled by CC subscription, and deleted the programmes and "cleaned" them from my laptop.

      I proceeded to download the LR6 program, which seemed to go fine, and ended up with a black circular logo (which looks like an old LP with LR on it) on my desktop which is labelled underneath as Lightroom 6. I double click on this to get a new Adobe LR 6 window with 5 logos on it, one of which is an install folder. It Initialises the Installer, opens a "welcome" window with two options Install Purchase", or "Try". It next advises that I need to sign in. I enter my email and Adobe password. I then get another new Window, advising that "Adobe Application Manager quit unexpectedly".

      I have pressed the "report" tab in the Window, the "ignore" tab, and many times - the "Reopen" tab, all to no effect.

      Any help please in finally installing this LR6.