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    recovery after an External hard drive failure


      My lightroom 5 was set up to save all the photos on an External Hard drive and put the backup copy on an additional external hard drive.  The catalog is on the main computer.  The primary had drvie has failed.  I am having a hard time recovering.  I copied the photos on the back up hard drive to a new one.  I then thought I could tell the catalog where these photos were now located.  I go to the place to tell the catalog where they are.  I have checked to find nearby photos.  I find the photos tell it this is where they are and it sort of acts like they are there but they still have the ? mark.  It saws they have a different name.  They are saved as a DNG file.  I think the catalog is looking for a file that is not a DNG.  Is there a solution to my problem?  I thought I had adequate back up but maybe not.