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    Clone tool crashes AE

    missjen818 Level 1

      When using the Clone Tool in AE 2015 two things are happening...

      1) the video in both the Comp and Layer window disappear or 'blink' on/off for a second and then disappears

      2) the entire app freezes up

      This happens after cloning 10 frames or so - to the point that AE becomes unresponsive resulting in a Force Quit.

      When I reopen the project - same thing.  Although sometimes I can't even paint one frame without it freezing!


      Only since i upgraded to 2015 a few months ago.  I have un-installed and re-installed AE 2015.

      I have the lastest MacPro-  10.9.5 OSX-  32GB ram - Firepro D700 graphics cards.

      Working on 1080p 16bit footage - Apple Pro Res codec.  I've turned OFF caching thinking it was a memory issue.

      I've read someone else is having the exact same issue but on a Windows system.

      I just sent a Bug Report to Adobe.  Anyone else experiencing this and have a solution?