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    Lightroom (or my computer) is Confused by my Two External Hard Drives -- HELP!


      I woke up this morning to find that Lightroom no longer recognizes the location of any of my 12,000+ photographs on either of the two external hard drives I regularly use. The photos show up in the viewer as they are supposed to, but they are marked with a "?" and are stated to be "offline or missing."

      Upon manually searching for a handful of missing folders, I noticed that the names of my hard drives have been switched since I last used them yesterday. So, now hard drive "F" is named "E," and "E" is named "F." And upon manually locating a missing folder, the folder is "moved" by Lightroom from its original drive to the other drive. So, somehow I need to get Lightroom to recognize that the opposite hard drives are the ones with the photos, not the one it now thinks has them.


      Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks.