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    Pick-Whip to another value with the same name


      So i'm currently playing with VideoCopilot's SABER plugin and i created multiple layers with property link-copys to have sequential animations.

      The issue with this is that the plugin has multiple parameters which are named (addressed) the same way, e.g.:


      thisComp.layer("Left Wing").effect("Saber")("Distortion Amount")


      can refer to SABER > Distortion > Glow Distortion and SABER > Distortion > Glow Distortion (two different values)

      When using the property links it automaticly chooses the first value it can find, which results in the Core Distortion values pulling the data from the Glow Distortion

      from the controlling layer because it comes first from top to bottom.


      Is there any way i can address the second appearance of the parameter in some way?


      Thanks and regards,

      Daniel =)