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    Acrobat XI why is office PDFmaker addin tool not avalible for Office 2016 The XI version is not old and not paying for DC just for that reason.

    kurt1524 Level 1

      What do have a major concern with is that Office 2016 is not supported for PDFmaker addins as in all other versions of MS Office products. My Acrobat XI is still a very young program as it was purchased just about sixteen months ago and yet it is not properly being supported by Adobe. Just because Adobe Acrobat DC was release it not only bumped version XI it seems to had caused my XI version to be left in the dirt. There is no reason that the addin for PDFmaker should not support MS office 2016. The addins appears in the MS office 2016 addin list but does nothing. There is not button tool in any ribbon or tabs as in previous versions of MS office. When I called Adobe support all I received is that PDF maker addin for MS Office 2016 is not supported and there is no inclination of making it so. This is wrong for folks who own Adobe Acrobat XI still fairly new software version. I’m not paying for another updated version when I do not need too as of yet. Will this be resolved.