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    Missing original files


      Ive just done an update in Photoshop and light room and all my original files are gone.  The images are in LR but I am unable to edit them as it says 'Original file can not be found' ... I've tried right clicking to locate the file, the creative cloud file is empty.  Ive tried rebooting several times. This is devastating as I did a Mothers day shoot last week and need to edit the original files.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          All your original files should be stored locally on your hard drive not someplace on/in the Adobe cloud system. The name Creative Cloud is just a Name. It has nothing to do with storing images on some internet base file server.


          So you'll need to search your local hard drives for the images you are looking for. Possibly on an external drive that you disconnected from your computer.


          Sure you can create copies of your images on one of the internet base Cloud Storage systems but just because you are using Adobe Lightroom CC doesn't mean all your images are uploaded to the Adobe servers.