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    Connecting to webservices with SOAP

      I'm trying to connect to an email collector and this is the info I've received to connect to the webservice. Any help would be great. Not sure how to do this... Thanks!

      Component dhd_mailer_ws (Mailer)

      methods: Mailer

      remote Struct Mailer ( required string username, required string password, required string role, required string merch_id, required string mode, required string mail_email, string mail_email_repeat, string mail_html, string mail_fname, string bday_month, string bday_day, string bday_year, string mlist_id )

      Mailer Management: Returns a Structure containing status & message.

      username: string, required, username - Webservice Authentication: Username.
      password: string, required, password - Webservice Authentication: Password.
      role: string, required, role - Webservice Authentication: Role.
      merch_id: string, required, merch_id - Merchand ID.
      mode: string, required, mode - Subscriber_Add: Adds & Updates Subscribers, Subscriber_RemoveAll: Remove from ALL lists, Subscriber_Remove: Remove from single list based on mlist_id
      mail_email: string, required, mail_email - Subscriber Email address
      mail_email_repeat: string, optional, mail_email_repeat - Subscriber Email address confirm
      mail_html: string, optional, mail_html - Receive HTML emails: 1=Yes, 0=No
      mail_fname: string, optional, mail_fname - First Name.
      bday_month: string, optional, bday_month - Birthday Month: MMM
      bday_day: string, optional, bday_day - Birthday Day: DD
      bday_year: string, optional, bday_year - Birthday Year: YYYY
      mlist_id: string, optional, mlist_id - Specific Mailer List ID.