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    Weird Layer Glitches.


      So I'm having an issue where my my layers would only update for the first 2 seconds.

      I'll explain some backstory:


      I use a template for a audio-visualizer i use in after effects.

      Every time I change the song for the visualizer I need to go through about 20 soundkeys and click "Apply"

      Well for about a month now I've had this problem where only the first two seconds of the visualizer is react to the song, but after those two seconds it goes back to react to the song I used over a month ago. (The song is no longer in the project files)

      I also have these very strange lines on each layer in the keyframe editor:




      What happens after two seconds (It shoundn't be going flat instantly like that)



      Any help would me amazing!




      After Effects info: