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    Correct version of lua compiler ?


      Ok, maybe I'm blind... actually... likely...


      So, I was wondering what lua compiler to use, so that my plugin runs on Win and OSX, 32bit and 64 bit. I read, I should use the 32 bit version of luac as it will produce byte code which will run on these platforms. Ok, so I downloaded luac v5.3 32 bit version, compiled my crap on 64 Win7 Ultimate and voila: the plugin can't be loaded: "bad header..." .


      Then, I thought v5.3 is not the correct version for LR 6... tried v5.2. Some thing. Simple question, what version luac is actually the correct one? and... does stripping strings create a problem for LR?

      Surprisingly, I did not find the info searching the net, this forum... I crawled through this "assembla" site, but... Again, I'm probably blind... is someone so kind and points me to the source of wisdom? No, I didn't find it in the SDK-PDF nor the HTML-doc...