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    Lost all my edits to a single folder?


      I was working in LR and finished Editing Photos,


      synced flagged photos to Smugmug[ ok ]and

      then added watermark to a single photo and exported to a desktop folder a  72 dpi image[ok].

      Then when I went back into the LR folder the images were fuzzy with the little exclamation point in the upper left. and there was a question mark on my folder in the Left panel


      The LR lost connection to my folder on ext hard drive? so I searched for and reconnected the folder by finding the image but all the edits were missing?  Is there an Online live support?


      How can I recover all the edits. I have a client who is waiting for them.


      Any online help for a fee available?


      Scott Kennedy

      Professional Photographer

      The Montclair Dispatch

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          ScottK423 Level 1

          Update: In the Left panel all the way up at the top if I click on All Photos [ 217789 ] all those photos are at the top, just finished working on them, and all the images [48] that I edited are there with full edits still visible BUT they do have the  [ !   ] mark in the upper left corner. Does that help?