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    Aligning paragraph lines between pages with paragraph title gaps

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      I am hoping someone can give me a few pointers. I'm designing a hardback book and I;m trying to find the best relationship between space and alignment on the page.


      I show a double page spread. I have set a break gap (A) between the paragraph title and text box to allow paragraph lines on the page to align (B), however, I think that this break is too deep but I am unable to set it to less of a break as then my text boxes do not align and do not align at the bottom of the page. I am coming into conflict on the right hand side of this spread as I want the break to be uniform but cannot chose when a paragraph will end which means I have to change my rules for breaks in order for ensure that my text aligns at the bottom of the page.



      I am unable to align using the baseline grid as this forces text to begin beneath the image box top.


      Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards



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