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    Simple Style Change Not Working

    mballai Level 1
      I created a very simple style sheet workaround to make the equivalent of a typewriter-style tab setting. This uses a simple float and a margin adjustment. It previews beautifully, works fine when viewing the actual html page in IE, but it just doesn't go in RH X5.
      .flt {
      float: left;
      .fltB {
      margin-left: 50%;
      <p class="flt">talk</p>
      <p class="fltB">25</p>
      <p class="flt">still more talk</p>
      <p class="fltB">35</p>
      <p class="flt">even still more talk</p>
      <p class="fltB">45</p>

      RH strips the class quotes. Beats me why RH would have a cow over this when IE doesn't. To this best of my knowledge, this is just pure CSS. What gives?
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          The RoboHelp editor does lots of strange things, so I use FrontPage 2003 for my HTML development and only use RoboHelp to compile. I tried to use the RH editor, but had to abandon use early on when I found out it only supports reference to a single CSS. It will strip other references from the topics. The fact that it is also stripping classes doesn't surprise me. Does it also strip IDs? If not, maybe you want to use IDs instead of classes where you can.
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            mballai Level 1
            Well I found the answer just before I flew out of the office late this afternoon. It didn't dislike the classes just preferred to use them sans quote marks. IDs aren't a problem either in my experience. What fixed this was changing align=right; to align: right; Apparently IE by itself wasn't so picky, but somehow inside of RH it seems to be that way. Frankly I should have caught that, but I was kind of steamed up after spending a lot of time trying to find a non-table solution to make this work. So much easier to blame one's tools than look at one's own handiwork.