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    Signature re-size and drag not working on iPad/ iPhone SOMETIMES


      I have created a fillable form on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Windows to be used with Adobe Reader for iPAD that I will be mass distributing and it will be filled out and signed over and over (using the finger draw signature). When I test it out on my ipad or my iphone half of the time I am able to move and re-size my signature to the appropriate line/field and the other half it is stuck in the middle of the page and un-editable. This will happen on the same form on the same device, one day it doesn't work and the next day I open the same form and all of the sudden it works??  I have tried removing the "digital signature" field on the Pro DC prepare form and sending it out like this, and this doesn't make a difference. When I add the official signature field back in and redistribute the form the same thing happens - SOMETIMES I can re-size and drag and SOMETIMES its as if the app locks it. I can't tell what is causing this so I don't know how to fix it.  And I cannot find help about it anywhere.

      Is it just a glitch?

      Is it something I am doing when I edit it from the DC side or from the mobile app side?

      If anyone knows, please help!!

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi Alexelizabeth ,


          Please check whether the Acrobat Program is up to date or not. If you have any update available , please install the update.

          Is this happening with all the files or with certain one .

          Also would like to inform that fields cannot be re size & files cannot be edited in mobile app, this can be done in Desktop version.  




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            Alexelizabeth Level 1

            Yes I am using the latest Adobe Reader and I check for updates on a daily basis. And this is happening with all files on and off. Sometimes the signature will work and sometimes it doesn't.


            I'm not sure what you're talking about with re-sizing a field or editing a file because that is not what I'm trying to do. All I'm trying to do is sign an Adobe  form using my iPad. and half the time when I try to do the "ink signature" function ( where you draw your signature with your finger and then it shows up on the form) my signature shows up very large and in the middle of the form and I'm unable to move it to the correct spot on the form NOR am I able to re-size the signature to fit on the line.... None of this has to do with editing or re sizing a form field.. It's just a problem with being able to consistently sign a form using my iPad in the right spot..


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              abhissha Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Alexandra,


              When we go Comments > Signature and apply a signature it should be resizable and movable. But once you apply it and tap on Done and close the document it is saved and signature is flattened. After that if you open the file again and go to Comments > Signature then previously applied signature can't moved or re-sized


              May I know if you are trying to move or resize signatures which are applied on the PDF and PDF is reopened.




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