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    Win 7 Update patches do not download, ID slow beyond belief


      Long time InDesign user. Run on both Win 7 Dsktp and Win 10 Lptp. Laptop: no problems. Win 7 Dsktp in recent months has had ID (& Bridge) updates constantly rejected (gets to abt. 52%-then kaboom) -- essentially notes a patch in each case. Have uninstalled and reinstalled both ID & Bridge. Bridge works fine, except it still rejects updates, as before. ID however has become a disaster on the Win 7 Dsktp... it takes "forever" to load, and then when loaded literally moves slower than a snail's pace--making it for all intensive purposes unusable. Fortunately been able to survive with laptop. All other programs such as Photoshop, et al. work fine-- only ID is causing issues. Prefer to work as always have on desktop with larger screen etc. but cannot at this point. Can anyone please offer help, or advice? Would appreciate possible direct or copy to: [email removed by moderator, please use the PM system]