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    Lightroom keeps converting all my images to black and white for no reason at all

    ninjapimp Level 1

      So with lightroom 6.4 I've run into an odd problem.

      I import my pictures, with no develop presets no auto toning of any kind, all that disabled in preferences.

      After I finshed importing my Sony A7R2 images, I notice the, while in Library module, that the preview for each image turns black and white. The image was shot in color yet for some odd reason LR converts all images to B&W


      I right click on image and notice the Convert to black and White is checked marked??? why is it checked marked? I did not check mark it....odd


      so I uncheck mark it, and images revert back to normal.

      but the problem persists.

      If I go to older folders from past weeks, it starts doing that issue to those too, for some reason LR now wants to convert every single image to black and white. it converts every image I import to black and white.

      If I remove the checkmark, close LR and reopen it it will reconvert the images to black and white again even though I removed the checkmark


      what is going on?

      how can I fix this annoying bug


      This problem started when by accident my external SSD drive which contains the LR catalog was offline, LR asks to load a catalog....so I exit LR, I reconnect, fix my external SSD, now its back online. launch LR, it finds the catalog ok but now its hell bent on converting all my images to black and white.