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    Complex Pie Charting


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      Hi Folks!


      We're creating a math charts to create visual aids for understanding complex mathematical relationships, only we're all new to illustrator scripting, which I believe will work, correct me if I'm wrong.


      Here are the properties ideally the chart needs to have.


      1) To be able to have as many concentric circles as we want to map out to larger number groups. For example The chart in the photo has only about 28 circles and is divided into 24 pie pieces.

      2) To fill each field in the chart with a number and to be able to highlight the field a certain colour.

      3)  to be able to change the number of columns or pie pieces in the chart, the photo shows 24, and I"m wondering if a script could be wrote to be able to take the data fields from a 24 pie circle to a 12, or 15 pie circle, with the same data without re inputting it all.


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      Would appreciate any help with this.