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    hello, I bought my Lightroom 6 in a store, did all the steps to register it, and now I am blocked and can't use it, can anyone help me?


      hello, I bought my version Lightroom in a well known store here in France.

      I want to use my product and every time now that I start it up, Adobe asks me to validate my product.

      I've gone through the whole thing at least two times now, went to my Adobe compte to see where things

      go wrong and I can't even see my product that I bought.  There is no apparent trace of my license.

      Then I tried to fill in the appropriate space with my license number and it says that my product is already registered.

      can anyone out there tell me what I might do to so that I can use my Lightroom!!!


      This is crazy, I bought the product and I can't even use,

      It is stopped because Adobe doesn't want to connect to validate my Lightroom.


      cordialement Nzapata