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    Why does Adobe allow developers to make addons that do not have a remove function


      I tried the SmugMug Export and Publish Plug-in by ALLOYPHOTO and did not think it was what I need I decided to go back to the free version from SmugMug only to find that ALLOYPHOTO has fixed their add-ons to be un-deletable.


      I assume this is a plan by Alloyphoto to junk up peoples add-ins function of the lightroom program.

      Is there a reason why Adobe allows apps to be installed without a remove function?  I find it disappointing that Adobe does not realize there a people out there who make software to damage peoples programs and would not ensure that all addons can be removed.


      I see that Alloyphoto sells dozens of addons, so I recommend to anyone to realize that Alloyphoto probably has done this process with all their software.  They advertise the addons as being able to be evaluated for 10 days and don't tell you that they have ensured that the addons cannot be removed, that is not what I call an evaluation product.