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    Unable to allocate 0.0356 mb of memory!

    LexBurgerSupreme Level 1

      I've never had this problem but while editing some footage in After Effects, just simple greenscreen work, I get this pop-up I've never had before.

      It says something along the lines of "Unable to allocate X amount of memory." And something about installing more ram. I have a MacBookPro 2014, 16 GB of memory and 2gb nvidia graphics card.

      I haven't done anything different but this pop wont stop. I click okay and it just keeps popping up and makes it impossible to work and I'm working on a tight deadline. Now I've seen some forums about it, but unfortunately none of them are working for me. People have said update the program. I did. People have said downgrade to a previous version. I've tried that too and no such luck.


      Someone please help.

      I pay a bunch of money a month for these programs and it just sucks that I keep having these weird problems.