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    How i can Open/run VBS file

    ALHUBAIL Level 1
      Hi ,

      How i can open or run external *.vbs file from director by pressing in o button on stage
      i try mostly every things like:-
      - open "XXX.vbs" with "cscript.exe"
      - open moviespath (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
      no things works could any body can help
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          Level 7
          If you can double-click on a file and expect it to open, then baOpenFile
          is the best option (assuming you have BuddyAPI installed).

          The syntax is like this:

          baOpenFile(the moviePath&"XXX.vbs","normal", FALSE)

          Check out the BuddyAPI docs for more specifics on that or what the
          different parameters mean.

          If you need to specify which program to open the file with, then the
          open..with.. command if best. The biggest problem with that is that you
          need to include the entire pathnames like this:

          open the moviePath&"XXX.vbs" with "c:\myProgram\cscript.exe"

          Change the addresses to whatever is correct for your project. If you
          don't know the path to one or both of the programs, then you are kind of
          out of luck.
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            ALHUBAIL Level 1
            Thanks Mike

            thats was very intresting but the Xtra plug in very expensive 180$ to use one function i can use
            exeScript 2.0 for only 39$ and i cinvert the *.vbs file to exe file then i can open it with Open command :-)