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    After Effects - Fast Draft (incompatible device driver or old graphic)


      Hello to you all, I am using the latest version of After Effects CC 2015 for two months. There not have a problem and everything was walking properly. The problem is that for a while, I can not get to preview correctly as before. And when I go GPU Edit-Preferences-Preview information, it is written: "Fast unavailable draft (incompatible device or old graphics driver)." All my drivers are updated. The first time it had happened to me, I restored my system (Windows 10). Here walked for a long time and the same problem occurred. I Reinstalled my system yesterday. all walking well. and this morning I still have the same problem ...

      I have an Asus Zen-book with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. My brother has the same graphics card as me, but he has no problem.

      Please I need help. I have a project to make it in 2 days.... (My Computer Is in French)