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    Using the cloud as my primary storage/file location for Lightroom workflow

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      I'm stuck back in a Mac Snow Leopard with Lightroom3 flashback. I have about 200 G of photos whose primary residence is an external hard drive (which I also back up). I would like to upgrade to Creative Cloud soon, and have the photos "live" on the cloud, not on my local drives.* Can anyone accommodate this, and how much would it cost? Dropbox has insufficient syncing ability with external hard drives, and has previously jacked me and a few other users with a major glitch that I was never able to correct (it resulted in me having unbknownst to me half-synced, constantly changing Lightroom files for months and months -- impossible to reconcile all the different versions). Amazon Cloud receives *very* poor ratings and reviews for its Mac app.


      I just want to have my photos live in the cloud, use them from wherever i happen to be, and sure, i can occasionally back them up to a hard drive on my end. Does CC do this? What would it cost?


      * There are good reasons for this. Trust me. It involves developing a mold allergy and becoming allergic not just to my house but to anything that's been inside it. I will be traveling, attending to my health, and using a borrowed MacBook Air, an older model, for a few months. All my stuff is being sold or going into storage.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Creative Cloud is just a Name. It has nothing to do with storing and or accessing images from some internet base server system.


          IMHO it is foolish to trust some internet based storage system as your only repository for important files.


          Using one of these services is ok for secondary backups but I wouldn't trust them as my only backup and certainly not to store the only copy of my important files whether they are images or some other computer document. As you have found out with Drop Box.


          No CC does not do any of what you need or want to do. In fact I don't think it would be wise to try to use any online system as a storage point for images for LR. Slow even with a fast internet connection.


          Sorry to hear of your aliment but your best bet is using External drives and forget about the Clouds. Of course that is just my opinion, YMMV.