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    Cached Ram Preview Playback is Sluggish and Choppy (frames are all rendered and green)


      Hello.  I recently purchased a brand new 27" 5k iMac and just got all of my software set up.  I started getting back to work on a project I have been working on using After Effects CC 2015 when I noticed that my RAM preview playbacks are really choppy and slow.  The frames are all pre-rendered and cached (solid green across the timeline) but the playback seems like its struggling.  Strangely I also get no red "not realtime" playback warning in the RAM preview window itself.  The performance of  the application as a whole beyond the RAM preview issue seems completely fine - in fact I'd even say its great, which makes this issue even more perplexing.  It was not happening on the older, slower computer that I had just replaced.


      Specs are:

      Proc: 4 core Intel i5 at 3.3ghz (turbo to 3.9ghz)

      L2 Cache (per core): 256kb

      L3 Cache: 6mb

      Memory: 16gb

      Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M395 (PCIe)

      VRAM: 2gb

      Resolution: 5120x2880 (non scaled for optimal performance)