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    Assigning many Flv's to the same Custom Controller

      I have various FLV's in different layers and also in a couple of movieclips of my one single swf project. Only one FLV is ever playing and indeed only one should ever exist at any one time.

      I have built a custom controller _root.v.c.playBtn, etc.
      So far I'm giving each flv it's own instance name and then linking it as shown to the controller:
      The actionscript for each flv is being placed on the actionscript keyframe added above each flv instance.

      (The controller appears and disappears depending on whether it is needed using a bunch of if statements in the swf. Having said that, it is positioned on the root timeline in a place where it always exists or is accessible from all other areas of the swf.)

      Some of these flv's are linking easily to the controller and some don't seem to see it. Also, some are not cancelling out so that another flv along the timeline has 2 or 3 volume sliders on the one volumeBar.

      I'm not familiar with arrays or whatever I should really use, but can you guide me as to how to simply script in one main place some actionscript that will tell the controller to work for all flv's or all flv's to work with the controller. And then if needed, I can then just tell each flv instance where to point.

      The project is built like a typical Flash template only the flv's are not altogether on the same timeline. Thanks for any advice.