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    InDesign XML import: Assign object styles and sizes?


      I'm trying to import some self-cooked XML into a long-form InDesign and automate as much formatting as possible. I have already created my own simple DTD, imported well-formed XML, assigned XML tags to InDesign styles, and it all basically works as it should. I also managed to assign paragraph styles upon import using the aid namespace.


      What I can’t figure out is this: I'm referencing high-res image (<img href="file:///person.jpg"  />), and they are imported - however, at full size, destroying the layout.


      What I'd like to do is use attributes (or whatever else it takes) in the XML so that...

      1.) the image frames are automatically assigned an object style (e.g. "ThumbnailAutoFit")

      2.) the image size (or rather: the width) is set to a reasonable value (e.g. 20mm)


      Is this possible? How?


      I'm not really an XSLT or InDesign Script guy, so please be gentle/verbose.