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    implications of using loadMovieNum()

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      If I call one swf from another using loadMovieNum("name.swf",0) will the
      second swf be executed in the context of the first one or it will run as if
      it was called directly?
      In other words will it be the sama name space and I should expect conflict
      between variables names?
      Also will the second swf inheirit parameters of the first one such as

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          blemmo Level 1
          Loading into _level0 replaces everything that was loaded before, so there's no context for the loaded movie. Same goes for existing variables, they get replaced (or deleted) as well.
          If you load into another _level, there shouldn't be conflicts, because the variables are scoped to the _level, so you can have a _level0.someVar and a _levelX.someVar simultaneously.
          I'm not sure about the framerate, I guess this will stay the same throughout the whole movie and not changed by loaded clips, but I'm not 100% sure.