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    slow loading of ID

    DerrylS Level 1

      I realize that ID has a lot of background files to load, but it takes 100 seconds before getting the ID splash screen and then another 75 seconds before I can open or start a new file. This is what happens when clicking on the application icon to start ID.


      One hundred seventy seconds of waiting and the only way I know the app is probably loading is the bouncing icon in the dock. This is a big waste of time that has been getting progressively worse with recent updates.To top it all, ID hogs all the resources so I can't really try to do anything else until ID has loaded.


      If I click on an existing document first, it takes about 160 seconds to get the tool bar and document screen and then another 90 seconds to open the file.


      However, once the app has opened (then closed), subsequent opening of the app or documents loads in about 30 seconds. After a computer reboot, it is back to the slow loading, Does it really have to take 145 seconds to cache all the files???


      No other application I use takes so long to load initially. Even PhotoShop gets to the splash screen in 15 seconds and is ready to go in less than 60 seconds. Not speedy, but not unreasonable.