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    how too open web broswer in presenter?

      I've run into a situation where I need to open a full screen web browser window from a breeze presentation. Is this possible?

      I know how to do it via javascript (uing window.open), however I have no way to make that type of link within powerpoint that would open up the browser window in full screen.

      Any help would be very much appreciated.
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          jon_stark Level 1
          I haven't tried this, and it would b e workaround, but what if you had a "splash page" slide on which you had a text button that did 2 things:

          ~ ran your javascript
          ~ manually advanced the user to the next slide

          Hope this helps

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            For what it's worth guys, iv'e done the following (and yes, Jon, it's a workaround )

            I created a flash button that had javascript written on it, essentially using the same premise as the window.open method. Although the same could be done with the text as Jon mentions, just be careful: because if you intend to use PPT's action buttons, don't be surprised if it fails as soon as you convert the ppt into Breeze content. I've seen many instances where ppt-based objects such as the action buttons failed after conversion.