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    How to control Muse anchors with mouse-over edge animate button

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      Hi all,


      I'm a noob to posting on forums; i've always been pretty lucky by searching other treads but this has got me completely stumped. First thing - i don't really code so excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to JS etc. This is only my second site ever.


      My problem:


      I've created a mouse-over animation in edge animate and placed it in Muse. Its a simple animated arrow button that on mouse-over moves an arrow in a box (in edge the symbol is named "move_arrow"). When i click the button i want the (Muse designed) webpage to move to a specified anchor point ("Our_story"). Sounds simple but i just cant get it working (for days and days! ha).


      The closest i've found to be able to do it is in this tread: How can I set an Edge Animate Button to a Adobe Muse Anchor, and by using js from here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3163615/how-to-scroll-html-page-to-given-anchor-using-j query-or-javascript

      ...but without luck.


      TBH i don't really know where i should put the code - at the moment i have some in the action for my "move_arrow" in edge animate - maybe i need to have some in Muse page properties HTML for <head> box?


      As a work around at the moment i have the animated button in the site (minus the code) with a smaller Muse hypertext box layered over the top that links to the anchor. While this 'does' work i can see many uses for the iframe to parent communication feature in future projects.


      Hope someone can link me a easy guide to follow or explain what i need to do.


      Thanks in advance

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