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    How do I change the size of a video I imported, I can only see about 75% of the actual video?


      I purchased Premiere Elements today, and this is my first crack at video editing. So I apologize if this is a dumb question/easy fix.


      Whenever I add a video to PE14, it cuts off a good chunk of the video. I messed around with different setting but nothing I've tried made any change.



      This is what the video looks like in PE14.



      This is how wide the video should be.


      The height appears to be just fine, even the left side of the screen is normal. For some reason it just cuts off the 25% on the far right.

      When I use PE14 to check the file's properties it says the video size is 540x480, when in fact the video is actually 720x480. So I guess my question is how do I either change the video size in PE14 to 720x480, or how do I get PE14 to recognize the proper size?


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.