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    Is it possible to change every stroke weight in multiple symbols in once?


      Hello I'm a newbie flash animator and I've been struggling with this problem for months

      I've created a short flash animation. Every lines were drawn in its weight of 3.0.

      But after finishing it somehow it looked too vague so I wanted to change stroke weight in 1.5

      Then I started change stroke weight by clicking every graphic symbol one by one. I had more than 200 graphic symbols in that animation, so it took ages to complete.

      Some of them even had groups inside the symbol, which made this work more devastating.

      Now I have hundreds of files that needs to be edited in  their line weight and I don't want to go through all of these work again.

      Is there a way to set a stroke weight for every existing object in the document in once?

      If there is a flash extension to do it then I'll be more than happy to purchase at any cost

      Or please give me some clue for what I need to learn more about....

      Many thanks