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    Read Indesign File Fomat

      I have one indesign file (in .indd format). 

      I want to read that .indd file format in c# (or by script) and convert it into html file.

      The .indd file contains some template design which is visible when we open that .indd file in Adobe Indesign .

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          Vamitul Level 4

          The indd file format is a closed source format, so i seriously doubt you can find any meaningful info on it. You can however export the file to idml, which is an open, xml-based format, and process that via c# if you feel like it. Or, you can just open the file in indesign, and use indesign's amazing scripting capabilities to extract all the information you need and create your html file. Or you can use an already made tool: Ajar Productions: in5 - Home