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      I am writing the first post of the experience design. Damn i am lucky, i started using experience design and i love it so far hopefully adobe will give me this tool for free as a first user.

      I am going to be writing blog now.



      Thanks adobe and team love you all

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          Just downloading it. What are the highlights? What prototyping tools have you used in the past to compare it to?

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            There's plenty of good stuff in XD, however as it stands it's not ready for professional work.


            On the design side of it :

            1. No layers? It's already getting very difficult to manage my first test project.

            2. You went to great lengths to hide the hex value in the colour panel

            3. You can't easily align objects to the artboard



            1. Can you really not scroll the prototype? This renders the whole section basically useless.

            2. I straight away went looking to make an element fixed at the top of my design, but I guess if you can't scroll why would you need fixed elements.

            3. No gestures

            4. No animations within individual artboards


            Overall it's a big disappointment.

            Some weird omissions that make it hard to use in some cases, and just plain unusable in others.


            I realise it's a preview, but I'm not going to go any further with it because I can't produce basic stuff with it.

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              ib0r1s Level 1

              Thanks, I think I'll have a quick play with it, but with those limitations, yes I don't think we can do much else, but give feedback.


              I'm guessing that's what Adobe want us to use this forum is for :-)

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                Jacob Falk Christensen

                Agree with your critique points 100%. And I'll add some.


                It needs text styles also, in order for me to consider it. Because you might want to tweak a style after a while and then you have to go through the entire project and manually find and update everything which is considered the same text-style.

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                  Preran Adobe Employee

                  Hi everyone,


                  Thank you for the quick feedback.


                  For feature requests and bugs, use the following links


                  Adobe XD: Feature Requests: Top (56 ideas) – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs


                  Adobe XD: Bugs: Top (9 ideas) – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs




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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    Hey, Ciaran!


                    Yep, we're aware of these issues. We're actively working on a new color picker, one that will allow you to take advantage of all of the features of XD. As Preran pointed out, definitely stop by UserVoice and upvote for the ones that will help you get to production work. Microinteractions (what we're calling the individual object animations) is on the roadmap. This is early software, and we're opening it up early to get voices like yours int our prioritization.



                    Adobe XD team

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                      joan_lafferty Adobe Employee

                      Hi All,


                      The colorpicker used in Adobe XD is your system colorpicker because XD doesn't have a colorpicker built in yet, but, we plan to have one. Layers are also on their way, but, we have spent a lot of time trying to design the right behavior for how they work rather than going for the same long list of layers of most other products. We'll see where we land!  We hope you all stick with us and continue to provide us with feedback of what you need to ensure we build the right product.


                      Scrolling...yes, yes, yes. We'll have it.


                      We are just getting started!