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    More collision problems

    michael novia Level 1
      Alright, this time i have checked to see if my bullets were moving too fast- this wasnt the case. I made sure i was checking for the same amount of bullets and enemies at any given time, this again didnt seem to be the case. However, i do know that after the 3-4th direct shot, it finnaly destroys.

      Another problem arose, attach a 'explosion' movie clip to where the enemy was- and unload the enemy clip. sometimes, if the collision works- it will not unload the movie, and just play the explosion.

      grrr! heres the code for the hittest on the bullet vs. enemy.
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          michael novia Level 1
          I think have figured out the problem, it lies in the


          bulleti is previously set for 25, so it doest check against all bullets except for bullet25.

          What would i set, or write check for each bullet instance, bulletNum or bulleti.