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    Users Cannot Connect via Network Drive Whilst Others Can

      Using DWC 3.11 on Win XP.

      Have set up several users all teh same and most work whilst a few can't connect..

      The set up is....

      Everyone accesses the server via a mapped network drive (no ftp access), all using the same drive letter 'W'.

      About 4 users, who can see the drive and folders in windows OK but cannot connect in Contribute, eithe manulaly or via a pre-configured Connection Key.

      Have tried all sorts, including using UNC paths, disbling firewalls, anti-virus software etc.

      When I try and do a manual connection using the Wizard it browses to teh URL OK.
      It lets me browse to the mapped drive root ('W:\'), but after clicking 'Next' it says it cannot verify the connection and reports it as 'W:/...Note the forward slash instead of the back slash.

      I have successfully set up other connections, i.e. our test sive which also uses mapped drives so I don't think it's the software.
      I'm convinced it's something to do with the mapped W drive.

      Any ideas why some people can connect and some people can't?

      Many Thanks