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    Normal (Internal) link to external website opens in Safari on iOS after upgrade to cli-6.0.0

    MyBrain Level 1

      I just tested this again with a recompile; it still fails...

      My App has a normal link, (a href), to an external website, which should open within the App itself. This works fine in Android. But in iOS it opens externally in Safari when compiled with cli-6.0.0. Compiled with cli-5.2.0 it does open in the App, no problem there. I do have the whitelist plugin added and allow-navigation, allow-intent and access origin are all set to *

      So, I think it's a bug.

      Also see: http://community.phonegap.com/nitobi/topics/normal-internal-link-to-external-website-opens -in-safari-on-ios-after-upgrade-to-cli-6-0-0