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    Unable to use Photoshop over a month now!! "Membership Expired"


      Okay, I've been waiting over a month for a fix from Adobe. Whenever I try to open Photoshop from the Creative Cloud launcher, I get a message saying "Membership Expired" and it wants me to renew. The problem is, my membership has not expired!! I purchased the 1 year plan last August of 2015. I have been emailing support every week, sometimes several times each week, and the only thing I get is "Our concerned team is working on a fix". Meanwhile I am unable to use the software I paid for!


      So tell me again why cloud software is superior if it takes this long for a fix to be released?! This is EXACTLY the reason why I was hesitant to purchase Creative Cloud. I will certainly reconsider renewing my purchase when the time comes because this is unacceptable!