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    Why am I getting odd line spacing in the middle of a page?


      Capture.PNGSee the space above the red text. I have 'First line aligne

      d to baseline grid' but it's not in line with the first line on the left page, strangely. I've tried inserting text tool at beginning of (red) line and deleting to take it back to the end of the previous (top) line, then soft returning, which gets the line spacing correct, then I have to type 5 character spaces to get the first word to indent the same as the other paras. BUT another weird line space will appear further down the page. I've checked the leading, it looks fine. I've tried deleting a few words at the end and beginning of the two sentences either side of the problem, and retyping to try to delete any weird breaks, but the problem persists. And as I say, if I manage with a soft return to remove it, it will appear lower down the page. AAARgh!