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    Background updates from multiple internal servers


      I'm currently running two isolated domains which necessitates the need for two update servers anyway. I'm not going to be able to open a port between the domains, which would be my first choice.  There is a VPN available that connects a portion of my local domain to the other isolated domain, but it's not all of the desktops and the connection is not 100% of the time.


      This separates them from the domain they started out on. I'm having a heck of a time getting any solution where i can push updates to all the pcs on my local domain without a LOT of trouble. 


      I'm looking at the instructions on page 20-21 of the Flash Player 21 admin guide and wondering how flexible they are.


      Is it possible to modify the mms.cfg and list two different servers as the silentAutoUpdateServerDomain and allow Flash auto-updater to use the one that it can currently access.