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    RH 11 Webhelp on MS Edge: TOC disappears after search


      When our webhelp is viewed over the network on Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, performing a search or clicking the Search button causes the TOC to disappear from the left pane until the pane is closed and reopened.


      I have seen other threads on this issue for RH10, but I can't find a fix for RH11.


      Does your WebHelp work well in Microsoft Edge?


      I looks like there was a patch for this on RH10, and the second update for 2015 says it is fixed in there, but I'm having no luck finding a solution with RH11. We are on, which appears to be the latest.



      Can anyone point me to a solution for RH11, or am I forced to upgrade to RH 2015?

      Thanks in advance,