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    Using LR with Apple's Photos...


      Hi Everyone


      I have always used iPhoto in the past but in the last 6 months I have been using LR and organising all my photos in a clear file structure on my mac and I am happy! However I also use apples photos app to store all photos taken on my iPhone and I use iCloud library to sync between my mac and iPhone. Here's my question...


      Say I went on a trip and took some nice photos using my DSLR, put them into LR organised and edited then exported the jpegs. Is there anyway of getting them into my current photos library without duplicating? My reason for doing this is it would be nice to have them sync with my photos app on my iPhone. Or do I have to import the selected photos and have apples photos app duplicate them?


      Hope that makes sense, maybe someone out there has this kind of workflow?