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    creating pdf using indesign cs 6 on surface pro 4 leads to wrong printing results


      Hello there,


      I'm using InDesign CS 6 on a MS Surface Pro 4. When exporting to pdf there seems to be a problem printing the file. On screen the pdf is displayed properly but on some printers, in this case a minolta copier, a font is not printed correctly. As it is a free font (Coolvetica) I suspected the font to be the problem. But the problem does not occur with older pdf-files I created using the same font, same InDesign-Version but using my desktop-pc. I set the affected printer to handle fonts by downloading them as a bitmap but this way the printingquality is worse than using the outline-method.


      On another copier the pdf-files created using the surface pro 4 are not recognized as a printable file.


      I'm happy about any solution ideas. As I am from Germany, you may also answer in german language.

      Thanks a lot.