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    CMYK Black printing problems with our newspaper...


      I am the layout editor for my school's newspaper.


      We have had issues with the style of our blacks but our printing company has helped us resolve in the past.  However we have yet to perfect it, and are having trouble again.


      They said, "Make sure the black swatch you are using is 100% K only -- no CMY.  And all of the text is 4-color black."


      The InDesign document has a CMYK Transparency Blend, and we checked our Appearance of Black and changed it to Output All Blacks Accurately.  All the pictures have been previously edited to CMYK (just as a precaution) in Photoshop. 


      When I select the text it is Black (C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=0).  Is this not 4-color black?


      I feel like I am missing something big.  I have done what they told me to do, and yet they continue to say that the Blacks are not correct.